Ephemeral Music, a division of SFS Inc., proudly introduces Miist, an enigmatic force, upending conventional music paradigms. In a mere span of months, Miist has emerged as a magnetic attraction within the musical sphere, defying predictable trajectories with an astonishing transformation from an unassuming discovery of her musical gift to amassing an enviable repertoire of over 45 soul-stirring tracks. Her journey, guided by the esteemed producer Narada Michael Walden, renowned for shaping the songs of iconic musical legends, has been nothing short of a revelation. Miist’s journey isn’t one of precocious talent or childhood fame; it’s a tale of unexpected brilliance unearthed at the age of 33.

Narada Michael Walden & Miist

What began as a friendly dare, challenging her belief in her musical capabilities, burgeoned into a creative whirlwind that birthed three songs in a single day, igniting the spark that fuels her artistic voyage.

Within a scant 16 months, Miist has crafted over 40 compositions, eight of which are in collaboration with the maestro Narada Michael Walden, who has gracefully taken her under his wing to sculpt her debut album, “The Songs From The Living Room,” slated for a June 2024 release. However, ahead of this eagerly awaited album, Miist gifts us with the mesmerizing singles, “Give Her My Love” and “She,” unveiled during October 2023.

For Miist, fame isn’t the beacon; it’s connection, a resonating chord that she strikes through her poignant lyricism delving into the complexities of love and loss within poignant relationships. Her musical repertoire spans genres, from Pop and Dance to Adult Contemporary, bound together by a common thread – “meaningful music for a difficult world.”

Crafted with meticulous artistry, Miist’s music boasts an organic finesse, each note meticulously polished by her discerning eye and Narada Michael Walden’s seasoned expertise. The instrumentation of each song mirrors the precision of her lyrics and melodies, a testament to both Miist and Walden’s scrupulous approach to their crafts.


Miist’s vocals, an exquisite fusion of vintage allure and contemporary finesse, find their place amidst lush sophisticated and intimate soundscapes, painting emotions with a sepia-toned elegance that evoke familiarity yet feels refreshingly novel.

Miist’s prowess lies not in haphazard vocal pyrotechnics but in the understated potency of her delivery, effortlessly capturing the intricate tapestry of human emotions.

“Give Her My Love” weaves an enchanting tale, adorned with an impeccable arrangement and production that infuse the track with a bittersweet melancholy, narrating a story of heartbreak, unrequited love, and the empowering act of letting go. It’s a poignant story birthed from a personal experience, originating a decade ago.  Originally composed in Mandarin Chinese, Miist performed and recorded the song in both English and Mandarin.


In “She,” Miist’s musical prowess shines once more, in a heartfelt ode celebrating the unsung heroism of mothers. It’s a universal tribute to all mothers, a lyrical testament to their sacrifices and an earnest plea to acknowledge and cherish their boundless love. Similarly, to the previous track, “She” was initially written in Mandarin Chinese, and then performed and recorded, in both English and Mandarin.

Miist’s voice, while inviting eloquent comparisons to top tier peers, retains an unmistakable and original quality. Narada Michael Walden’s production strategy, wisely allowing Miist plenty of space to express herself, captures every nuance and inflection, amplifying the songs’ emotional vibrancy. Miist’s meticulous approach behind the microphone further elevates the songs’ intricate emotional landscapes.

In essence, Miist harmonizes a songwriter’s melodic sensibility with a poet’s emotive resonance, creating an immersive sonic experience that transcends boundaries, languages, and resonates profoundly with the human spirit. Miist’s journey from musical anonymity to this meteoric rise is a testament to the indomitable power of raw talent, nurtured by Narada Michael Walden’s seasoned guidance, promising an album that’s poised to leave an indelible mark in the musical landscape.