Have you ever heard an album that has just taken you by surprise, in the best possible way, and that has you left in wonder and asking the question of ‘where did this artist come from?’ Enter into play Michelle Miller Bell, a National Gospel Recording Artist, born as Michelle Miller in Chicago Illinois, who now resides in Lansing, Michigan. Her new album, “Concert Songs – Volume 1” is nothing short of remarkable. I was completely blown away, and I am sure you all will be too. The recording is practically a kind of ‘best of’ collection, as it contains some of Michelle’s most amazing songs and performances. Twelve tracks that will leave you in awe of this woman’s voice and artistry.

All throughout “Concert Songs – Volume 1”, there is no denying how on fire Michelle Miller Bell is for Jesus, which shows in these dynamic and passionate worship anthems. Highlighting her worship-leading prowess, she is both compelling and powerful. The musical mission of this recording is to bathe Christian messages in an ocean of contemporary soul, funk and R&B sounds. While much of the lyrical mood of the new album is introspective, and in full evangelist mode, leading a communal cheer for God’s intervention.

Michelle Miller Bell sings while ensconced in her inner soul, lost in musical conversation with the Lord. She understands that prayer is important but it is only part of the answer, and summons the power of music to stimulate real change. The production in these songs are lusciously layered, with sweeping arrangements and tight rhythms, making the perfect foundation for Michelle’s boundless vocal artistry and creative penmanship. “Concert Songs – Volume 1” is both a personal statement and testament.

Having carved out her own lane, “Concert Songs – Volume 1” captures the essence of who Michelle Miller Bell is musically. Anyone can sing a song about Jesus, but the ability to convey conviction makes a much more powerful testimony, and this is where Michelle excels all across this album. While the incomparable power ballad remains a strong vehicle in her musical arsenal, Michelle’s ability to interpret almost any song, regardless of the tempo or style, is her most rewarding quality, and it is fully displayed on this album.

Definitely one of the stronger singers in the world of modern contemporary gospel, Michelle Miller Bell discovered her singing ability at the age of 12 when she was asked to sing at her elementary school graduation. She later began singing and playing drums in her childhood church, where she became one of the praise and worship leaders. While working in the church as a youth leader, choir director and musician, God called Michelle into the ministry of preaching.

Michelle’s singing and preaching opened many doors, and she eventually caught the attention of record label owner Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records, who is now her record producer and husband. “Concert Songs – Volume 1” is their labor of love. It is a masterpiece of its kind, and that is sure to be lauded as Michelle Miller Bell’s best work to date. The album can be pre-ordered now, while it is set to officially release on  October 8.

WEBSITE: http://www.michellemiller-bell.com/
DOWNLOAD & STREAM: https://michellemillerbell.hearnow.com/concert-songs-volume-1