Based in Cairo, Egypt, Kareem El Gazzar is both a music composer and a lyricist. He blends western song forms with traditional middle-eastern melodies to create his own distinctive style. Kareem’s creations have been a vessel for self-discovery, allowing him to overcome early life obstacles and embrace himself as both an individual and an artist. His official debut single, “Best of Life”, offers ample proof of the producer’s inspiration, and the channeling of his imaginative spirit while reaching for a sound both irresistibly catchy and strikingly intimate. What elevates the single is the way Kareem accents the soaring sing-along moments with the poignant instrumental interludes.

It’s in this comforting, yet uplifting environment, bustling with color and possibility that the smooth composition truly come to life. While the overall songwriting may be likened to some of Kareem El Gazzar influences, he pulls it off with such sincerity and candid wonder that the sentiments and melody feel utterly new and exciting. “Best of Life” is clearly an artistic leap, unlocking Kareem’s full potential.

On “Best of Life” Kareem El Gazzar has found the perfect range of tones that allow him to bring out the humanity in his sound, imbuing the song with a sense of quiet optimism while alternately serving as a vessel for any negative thoughts.

“I’ve heard this before. The grass is always greener. We keep wanting more,” recites the opening lines of the song, before reaching the pre-chorus: “So many lessons. Oh what a crazy ride. Now more than ever I’ll make the best of life.”

Whether carrying a burst of positive ecstasy or relaying an inner battle, there’s a sense that the different versions of the narrator aren’t separate entities but end up blending into one – a fascinating way of portraying the experiences of the divided self we all go throw at times, before understanding what the real magic is in life. Which at the end of the day, ultimately means living in the moment, and “making the best of life.”

Kareem El Gazzar places sufficient emphasis on the song’s lyrics, making their pronounced sensitivity feel like a genuine attempt at capturing the intensity as well as the contrasting conflicts that lurk beneath each verse.

The track’s tonal fluctuations are a brilliant reflection of that restless state of mind, before the narrative eventually finds its resolve. You’ll quickly get acquainted with the beauty of what Kareem has created here, as the sounds bleed into your imagery.

The infectious female vocals and warm synths on “Best of Life” sweep you up in a tide of sweet euphoria, while still keeping you gently floating in a stream of inner-thoughts and memories.

Kareem’s vision is bright and kaleidoscopic, raw and unpretentious, in its expression of both joy and nostalgia, which makes the song a magnificent, life-affirming journey throughout. Kareem El Gazzar’s sound has a magical quality to it that truly makes you feel like the central character of your own musical universe.