JAKE is the epitome of modern music’s new wave of artists. This singer-songwriter has managed to turn heads and raise eyebrows with his unique style and creative approach to music making. Combining multiple elements, such as hip-hop, afro rhythms, rock riffs, and modern vocal techniques, JAKE has given country and blues a fresh, modern twist, that is both exciting and enjoyable. His album “Just Getting Started” is a testament to his talent, as it seamlessly blends these elements to create a vibrant listening experience that is hard to resist.

The album features tracks like “Sugar Or Spice,” “Girls International,” “BANGarang,” and “Pull Me In Close,” which showcase JAKE’s ability to experiment with different sounds and genres while maintaining a cohesive style. Listening to these tracks, you can’t help but feel the runaway momentum and high energy that JAKE brings to his music. He has a knack for creating infectious hooks and catchy melodies that stay with you long after the song has ended.


JAKE’s hybrid approach to music making will surprise some, especially those who are purists of country and blues. But, for those willing to step out of their comfort zone and embrace something new and exciting, JAKE’s album is a must-listen. He is paving the way for a new generation of artists who aren’t afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries of what is considered traditional music.

It’s clear that JAKE is only getting started, and with his talent and creativity, he is sure to continue making waves in the music industry. He is a true artist who is carving out his own unique path and creating music that is both fresh and original. So, buckle up and get ready to join JAKE on his musical journey because he is here to stay.

“Sugar Or Spice” gets the album cracking with a rumbling earworm riff and a dynamic arrangement. On top, JAKE’s resonant voice flips between a lowdown growl and a highflying mellifluous swoon. “Girls International” starts in almost traditional country style, but it’s not long before JAKE’s creativity gets a grip on things, introducing a number of contrasting elements to quickly shake up your attention span.

His music touches you on a level very few are able to reach. Every song digs deep into your very essence and cuts like a knife into your sense of musical traditionalism. “BANGarang” comes out of the block like a runaway train with a shuffling afro-pop beat and smattering of catchy hooks. Between the foot stomping, handclapping beat, and the muted guitars, the song is embedded with a powerful retro-melodic flavor, which gives it an extra dynamic.

“Pull Me In Close” flaunts its auto-tuned trap and rap sounds. This country-trap hybrid brings its raw emotion to the forefront of your cerebral cortex. JAKE’s mic presence is very commanding and the energy he brings with him is all-consuming. There can be no doubt that JAKE is the trailblazer of his own music subgenre. He stretches himself, and his voice, across a wide arc of stylings. JAKE’s music may not appear to be for the more traditional crowd, but he is carving out a niche in the market that is totally his. Chances are you will recommend “Just Getting Started” to a friend, and JAKE will have grown his fan base just a bit more!

OFFICIAL LINKS: Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/40Jdvr9