As living things, we need a steady supply of certain ingredients to survive. In music, the formula is undeniably similar. A song requires both rhythm and pitch. For the musically hungrier amongst us, these ingredients are not enough. We need to add extras, such as mood, atmosphere, emotion and groove. Unfortunately, even with the proper ingredients and extras the results are not always as expected. Stagnancy spreads within the craftsman, as well as a lack of skill or emotion. Luckily one, by the name of J Tizzle (Jeffery Townsend Sr.), avoids these annoying traits. Within his songbook exists all of the essential factors needed. He not only equips himself with chill, jazzy instrumentals, but also with intelligent arrangements, samples and voices capable of gliding atop.

J Tizzle’s reluctance to produce a track which isn’t seemingly passionate, authentic, or ear-endearing gives his latest project – “The Chill Zone Vol 3” – an enchanting soulful flavor hardly encountered before.

The taste is smooth and distinguishable, with all the flavors seamlessly blended. He meshes hip-hop rhythms with bubbling basslines, shimmering pianos and even the high profiled production tweaks of one of Atlanta’s top producers and vocalists KayJay who adds important spice to the singles “Fan Ta See” and “Hustle“, as well as the album opener “Vibe”.

Moreover, J Tizzle’s ability to portray emotion is awe-inspiring and the majority of the instrumentals on here are in fact enjoyed without the assistance of vocals. It’s a rare occurrence that someone as talented as J Tizzle comes around from the underground, so his impact will soon be felt.

J Tizzle provides gorgeous beats that amplify the surface beauty of each bar while also attempting to create artistry through juxtaposition. This is evident on the upbeat contrasts of “Moonlight Trance” and the slow-burn of “Sky Talk”.

J Tizzle’s production, while always technically stunning, is consistently gorgeous. On “Ship Has Sailed” he uses jazzy, melodic loops to form a musical bedrock for the spoken voice samples and spacey keyboards, running a gamut of ideas from beginning to end.

A song collection is inherently difficult to shape into a quality release. In cases where an artist releases a compilation of their own songs, simply due to their natural evolution, the final product can often be incoherent. This doesn’t happen on “The Chill Zone Vol 3”, because J Tizzle remains focused on the album’s overall theme and mood throughout.

The repeating piano melody acting as the focal point of “Inner Spirit”, keeps the listener on their toes but without discomforting them, never losing the magic atmosphere that pervades the track’s runtime. The absolutely spectacular “Chill Zone, Pt. 3” announces itself with a splashy intro, before the bombastic drum beat immediately settles into a comfortable groove for J Tizzle’s haunting keypads to spill themselves across.

The cohesion and sheer quality on display here are all indicative of a truly great album, and not just another set of songs. J Tizzle has a magnificent ability to mix chill timbres and tones into his works, concocting a cocktail of beautiful sounds. Exploding with creative fervor, J Tizzle has a surreal element about his compositions, which works brilliantly to his advantage.

Heads will immediately begin nodding to the smooth beats, fused subtly with some soulful embellishments, comfortably reeling the listener in. The South Bend wizard has poured all of these elements into a mixing bowl and produced the perfect spell to mesmerize and hypnotize anyone who dares listen.

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Release date: August 28, 2019