Boston’s three rock warriors – Michael T. Seguin (lead vocals, guitar), Budd Lapham (bass, vocals) and Dan Fried (drums, vocals) – better known as Heavy AmericA have cemented themselves as something to shout about with their lightning arrival onto the rock music scene in 2014. Their self-titled debut EP in 2015, followed by two singles in 2016, “Up For Air” and “Full Load Amps”, and then their full length album “Now” in 2017, paved the way for a string of stellar releases. Their appeal has certainly not been repressed by the pandemic, showing fans that changes to the music industry over the past year have not subdued their ability to craft an authentic and captivating tapestry of rock and roll grit.

Certainly, Heavy AmericA’s music has allowed each band member to demonstrate their musical prowess and flamboyance for their own individual instruments, as they deliver rock and roll, in a more modern, updated form of the one we once knew and loved. They keep  reminding listeners that there once was a time when people made music for other people, not for platforms or algorithms.

Heavy AmericA’s latest reminder in that sense, is the single, “Tails”. From the opening wah-wah guitar and organic drumbeat, the band look to extend the glory of rock music to another generation, by blowing minds and melting faces like great rock bands have always done. The vocals fly high and wide over a landscape of crushing guitar riffs, looping basslines and smashing drums clearly crafted to inspire great emotion.

Heavy AmericA sounds bigger and bolder than what their three piece status tends to insinuate. The entire group vibes like the veterans they are on “Tails”, which is destined to become an important part of the band’s body of work. Aside from the music the band make sure the lyrics are smart and impacting too: “Trouble comes in twos & threes. If there’s only one, no one gets the pun. You’re done!” they sing, just before the second chorus come crashing in.

“Tails” is a confident, expansive and dynamic record that stomps and struts. The track features some mastery fretwork, especially in the tones and riffing nuances. There is a pulsating dynamism and a willingness to reach for even bigger sounds than before. If rock music is destined to achieve some kind of popularity again, Heavy AmericA will definitely be one of the bands to play a role in this.

This song is as original as it is excellent, and the musicianship outstanding, because Heavy AmericA authentically love what they do, and that is good news for fans who want to focus on the music. The band is clearly making the music they have always been inspired to create. Besides delivering a gripping rock tune, Heavy AmericA have also created an impressive supporting video for the music, with some highly effective imagery. But that’s a whole new story…