UK based Dance Music Producer & DJ, Griffon, hailing from the North East near Durham, comes at us with big rhythms, rumbling basslines and expansive keyboards that can fill out the largest clubs the world over, on his single, “Think I’m In Love”.  The song works smoothly on the ears, given the blend of styles, sounds, voices and effects mixed in to create it. Griffon is easily one of the most inventive producers out there and this track is a superb entry into the artist’s catalog for both, first time listeners, or hardcore fans. If I had to pick just one Griffon track to have on a deserted island, it would be this one.

You’ll love the creative synth use and the driving bass movement which underscores the captivating vocal flourishes. Griffon digs deep into his bag of tricks and creates a high-energy, dynamic soundscape. The primal low notes pierce through the sonic spectrum in a way that conveys some kind of cosmic force through the majesty of electronic music. Eventually its highs and lows swirl around one another, painting the soundscape in vivid colors against the backdrop of a momentum-pushing beat.

This is the Griffon we know and love, with a sage-like command of sound design. “Think I’m In Love” expresses the ambitious mission that Griffon champions, displaying the infectious elements that the electronic music community embraces with each of his releases. The track steadily engulfs the senses, while driving you straight towards the dancefloor. Bar after bar, Griffon catapults you deeper into the immersive sonic experience he’s created.

Dance music fans will find plenty of the throb, grind and intensity they’d expect from a dancefloor banger, as Griffon mixes and arranges with style and elegance. He never forgets the importance of the melody above the intoxicating rhythms, which makes him accessible to a large audience. Although the voiceless passages provide fine moments of instrumental clarity, the guest lead singer does make a strong contribution.

In fact, the vocals do deliver a set of infectious affirmations that help to make this song an earworm, but ultimately it’s Griffon’s production that offers crystalline mazes of danceable and catchy explosions of sound.

As the industry continues to inspire a swarm of new producers worldwide on a daily basis, Griffon dips further into his well of creativity to stay at the cusp of the amorphous EDM genre. “Think I’m In Love” stunningly captures this essence.

The best Griffon songs take listeners on a journey, and that comes to fruition once again with “Think I’m In Love” as he hits the balance between dancefloor bang, and soul stirring groove. The energy Griffon injects into this piece, drips off the speakers, runs through the listener’s body.

A technically proficient producer, on this single Griffon once again proves why his music is so appealing. Here he takes his astounding repertoire of sonic tricks to the next level. “Think I’m In Love” is a definite must-have for your summer music collection.


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