In the kaleidoscopic realm of EDM, where innovation and sonic wizardry reign supreme, producer Griffon emerges once again, this time joined by the luminous singer-songwriter Jen Dixon, to present the transcendent remix of ‘Save Me’. Hailing from the esteemed music landscape of the North East UK, Griffon has etched his mark with an illustrious trail of chart-topping successes. His recent conquests on the Global Dance & EDM Chart, including the commanding No.1 spot with ‘WKND’ and the soaring No.4 ascent with ‘Falling For You’, spotlight his prowess and resonance within the genre.


Griffon draws inspiration from a diverse spectrum of genres, crafting a sonic signature steeped in positive creativity and flawless production finesse. His foray into remixing tracks for an array of artists attests to his versatile musical persona, an attribute that enriches each endeavor he undertakes. In this latest iteration, ‘Save Me (Remix)’, Griffon elevates his ingenuity to new heights. The track stands as a testament to his multifaceted artistry and unwavering commitment to pushing sonic boundaries. It encapsulates the very essence of contemporary EDM allure—where resounding chords intertwine with infectious beats, draped in the ethereal embrace of melodic vocals.

The ethereal narrative woven by Griffon and Jen Dixon unfolds as an introspective journey, an intimate revelation of his emotive depth and sonic craftsmanship. Every note, every beat exudes sincerity and authenticity, evoking an emotive resonance that traverses the listener’s realm, evoking spine-tingling sensations—a testament to the profound emotional connection embedded within the composition.

Central to this nineties styled Trance sonic tapestry is the captivating presence of Jen Dixon. A luminary in her own right, Dixon brings her distinctive blend of mature indie-pop themes and captivating melodies to the fore. Her vocals, a beacon of emotive resonance, soar effortlessly above the pulsating tempo, weaving a harmonious synergy with Griffon’s symphonic arrangements.

‘Save Me (Remix)’ is an enchanting fusion of Griffon’s deftly crafted beats and Jen Dixon’s resounding vocals—a harmonious marriage of sonic elements that transcends the ordinary. Griffon’s adeptness in orchestrating female vocals within his compositions reaches its pinnacle here, as Dixon’s evocative delivery seamlessly entwines with the track’s lush melodies, guiding the listener through euphoric crescendos and poignant descents.

Jen Dixon

In essence, ‘Save Me (Remix)’ stands as a testament to Griffon’s unerring ability to encapsulate raw emotions within a sonic landscape, and Jen Dixon’s prowess in infusing lyrical depth into melodies that resonate on a profound level. Together, they have birthed a transcendent anthem that captivates the senses. The track presents a vivid portrayal of emotional vulnerability and the yearning for support in times of distress. The imagery of standing on a knife-edge captures the precariousness of the singer’s emotional state, poised between hope and fear.

The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and desperation, as the protagonist grapples with their inner turmoil while reaching out for assistance. Lines like “I don’t want to force you but I’m up here for you” hint at a hesitant plea for help, not wanting to impose but still needing support.

The repetition of the question “will you save me?” echoes the theme of seeking salvation or rescue, both emotionally and perhaps even metaphorically. There’s a rawness in the plea for reassurance, wondering if the person they’re turning to will be there in their time of need.

The contrast between searching for answers and the feeling of slipping further into uncertainty and doubt reflects a poignant struggle. The reference to hiding from feelings and escaping the truth hints at avoidance, suggesting a reluctance to confront difficult emotions or realities.

Overall, ‘Save Me (Remix)’ captures the complexities of human emotions and the desire for someone to be there during moments of vulnerability. Griffon’s production, coupled with Jen Dixon’s emotive vocals, intensifies the emotional resonance of the lyrics, creating a compelling narrative of reaching out for salvation amidst emotional turmoil.