CompositionC has released his debut studio album “Lonely in L.A.”. The project features include Albino Alliance, Katae, Chase Baby, Papa Luke, Push Freely, CityFME, 36 N Brimstone, and the infamous BET 106 and Park battle rapper Agent Orange. CompositionC is a producer, songwriter, and rapper from USA with a pending Guinness Book World Record for his alliteration rap song “L”.  Here he tells his story of what L.A. is like during the pandemic, and expresses his observations and experiences while being there. CompositionC made 6/8 of the instrumentals on the plane there and back, to shoot the music video for the single “Waves” ft Papa Luke.

CompositionC delivers a quality album with “Lonely in L.A.”. He tackles the issues in the world around him, while tabbing some great features to mold into his vision. It always keeps you on your toes with different rhythms and types of beats, as he holds it all together thematically.  The talented rapper is fiercely ambitious when it comes to this album as an art form, making sure that his complex cadence is beautifully juxtaposed against the features, and the warm candor of the beats.

Throughout the album CompositionC holds a mirror to L.A., while diving into the farthest corners of his soul, to pull out the well-pondered lyrics found on each individual track. “1157” opens the album with a chilling beat and haunting deliveries from feature Albino Alliance who sounds darkly ominous, while CompositionC maintains the song’s edginess. If you look at all great rappers whose music stands the test of time, they all have a key ingredient besides lyricism. This key ingredient is having a distinct voice.

CompositionC is not just a rapper that has something to say – he’s an emcee with a distinct voice that instantly captivates you, and he lets it all hang out on “Far Away From Home”, as Katae contrasts his rhymes, with a soulful and melodic croon. On “Valley Vybez” CompositionC carries the song by himself, allowing his flow to dominate the arrangement. It makes for an interesting dynamic.

Those who are looking to hear CompositionC’s technical skills and charisma on the mic will certainly have a field day on this album, but the artist is just as astute and competent in bring atmosphere, mood and feeling to his songs. Such is the case with “Waves”, which plays out against an understated but shimmering beat. CompositionC unfolds a wordy and nuanced narrative, leaving Papa Luke to bring a heartfelt and soul-searching vocal that soars with emotion.

“Inspiration” featuring Push Freely, rolls in like a runaway train, with rhymes being shot off in breathless fashion. Poise, creativity and precision mixes seamlessly here. The same meticulous lyrical formula is executed on “Just A Dream” featuring CityFME. Rap fans will love bobbing their heads to the sleek flows and unpredictable rhyme schemes these guys bring to the table. It all makes for some compelling listening, with CompositionC being immaculate in his wordplay and storytelling.

Moving forward, we encounter “Beauty” featuring 36 N Brimstone. The track flaunts a resonant, jazzy piano, and a throbbing drumbeat, while the rappers run through some mellow-toned, but urgent flows. The album closes with the title track, “Lonely in L.A.” featuring Chase Baby. This is another showcase for high-fidelity, laser-sharp bars, which a rarity in today’s game. This album is a clear reflection of where CompositionC stands in his professional career, and the rap business in general.

I think there is something here for everyone who seriously loves rap music, and all its core elements of greatness. And if CompositionC is able to maintain his insistent, creative, and assertive attitude on future projects, then the sky is the limit for him.