I found it impossible to not tap my dance and groove while listening to the track “Telling Lies” by emerging music producer, lyricist and songwriter, Anita Traci, and I suspect that if you’re a fan of EDM music, you’ll feel the same way. Currently unsigned, Anita has collaborated on a number of other tracks, and achieved over 2.5 million streams on Spotify, with a track entitled ‘With You’ ft. Alix Robson produced by Tom Hall. Anita has relentlessly pushed forward through all the ups and downs of a cutthroat industry, and is busy working on a, still secret project, with a rapper called Crusada, as well as two other collaborators. In the meantime she has released the instrumental “Telling Lies” to keep her production momentum in motion.

On “Telling Lies”, Anita Traci has proven herself to be an extremely talented producer and delivers some truly resonating sounds from start to finish. It is easy to keep listening to this track time and again because the music is that good.

She proves to critics and fans alike that she is capable of evolution within the EDM genre, while still maintaining a distinct, heavy piano-driven sound. Anita stays true to EDM’s classic hypnotizing four to the floor vibes, with the echoing piano that begins to vibrate through the listener’s ear just after the thumping beat drops.

“Telling Lies” is a track of pure gold, because it retains its simplicity and gets the job of filling the dancefloor, done very efficiently. She has a sound that she has created for herself, and one that should launch her into the spotlight as one of EDM’s most frugal producers of the moment.

And what I mean by frugal, is that Anita Traci doesn’t waste her time filling the track with layers of superfluous sounds and samples. She uses the basics of drums, bass, keys and claps, together with a minimum amount of extra flourishes, to concentrate on building a real groove and vibe, which are the essential elements of dance music.

“Telling Lies” capitalizes on Anita Traci’s ability to staunchly generate simple attention grabbing keyboard lines, while the bass turns its entrancing ambiance towards pulling listeners into the beat. Anita sonically traps the listener with a bombardment of diverse frequencies from every angle, giving plenty of character to the simply, but dynamically structured tune.

With each bar coming into its own, the more you listen throughout the track, the more the overall production on this surprisingly brilliant composition serves to place the project above the bombastically overdone releases continuously brought forward by many of Anita’s contemporaries and peers.

“Telling Lies” is a track which will leave you breathless. It is a pounding house infused hit, with an arrangement that will fill your soul with excitement and power. This is one of the most arresting, danceable, and quite beautiful three minutes you could spend with pure EDM.

In all its simplicity, there’s something quite attractive emanating from “Telling Lies” that draws you nearer. Anita Traci givers EDM lovers the perfect atmosphere to get lost in the authentic spirit of dance.

Connect with Anita Traci on Instagram @anitat.73 and Facebook: anita traci