Aneessa debut U.S. album “Satisfied”, set to drop shortly, is sure to be a lesson in pop precision. Each new tune which goes toward making up the album, ascends her status as one of the most exciting and sophisticated singers around. Such is the case with the feel-good single “Gonna Be Alright”, which dropped at the end of April. Aneessa’s voice oozes effortless cool and passion, and this song brings these two juxtaposed traits together in perfect harmony. It’s refreshing to see an artist revel in the enjoyment of applying her craft as it elevates both the visual and audio quality of the record as a whole. In terms of potential, she’s up there alongside the best in terms of sheer quality. There isn’t one negative way her tracks could be perceived, Aneessa only serves sophistication by the bucket load.

‘Sophistication’, is a word I use most often when reviewing Aneessa’s work, simply because that’s exactly what she exudes in her vocal executions. Regardless of the mood and tempo of the song she is interpreting, she never screams, shouts or over-sings any notes. Aneessa knows her lane, and she sticks to it, relentlessly and effortlessly. And she does it again on the triumphant, uplifting and inspiring “Gonna Be Alright”.

Co-composed and co-produced with her husband Michael B. Sutton (whose credits include Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and more), “Gonna Be Alright” rides on classy and magnetic 70’s retro groove, awash with silky strings, twisting basslines, and shimmering keys. “Gonna Be Alright” is danceable, fun and sensual — everything funky, soul and jazz infused disco-pop should be.

The song structure ensures a more interesting listen than the usual unending four-on-the-floor of many dance tracks, yet unlike so much of current pop music. It is infused with tons of smooth groove and plenty of peaks and valleys, which makes the arrangement thoroughly interesting all the way through. Aneessa’s drops an enchanting melodic line which is immersed in the warmth of the comforting instrumentation. It’s the perfect touch in a song with its heart in all the right places.

“Gonna Be Alright” could be seen as Aneessa’s declaration of renaissance. The French singer-songwriter who fled her home on a one-way to ticket to L.A. to claim the love of her life and a fresh start in her work, has in fact achieved just that.

This song is just as sonically free-flowing and energized as the lyrics are, with Aneessa’s voice perfectly playing to the beat.  The rhythm is hypnotic in this song, as the combination of the horns, the keys, the bass, and the drums are used to formulate the pinnacle of the groove.

“Gonna Be Alright” presents itself as a true getaway from the gloominess of our current reality. “I know better days are coming. I’m ready, yes, I am ready. I gotta keep on keep on going. I ‘m ready yes I’m ready,” sings Aneessa with an intoxicating conviction. It’s hard not to be transported into the aura of this song. Aneessa seems to have all the right ingredients for a very bright future – a sultry voice, endless poise, and the talent to back it up.

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