I have been following All Atomic since 2016, and he has never tried to make the same record twice, something that must have become increasingly difficult over time. This new 11 track album, “Oceans of Neon part 2 – Robot Invasion” amply displays the same creative bravery and commitment to transporting his listeners to new realms, like so much of his previous work. A product of the early rave scene at illegal warehouses, he was influenced by a combination of Disco, Electro, Rave, Techno and Trance, with a few occasional break beats. His first releases included the single “Moon Dance”, and the “Destinate to Radiate EP”, via the Indie label Pink Dolphin Music Ltd through which he continued to release a number of singles and EPs. Now All Atomic has setup his own All Atomic Tunes label, which affords him more creative and commercial freedom.

The new album, “Oceans of Neon Part 2 – Robot Invasion” was inspired by the track “Oceans of Neon”, from the “Destinate to Radiate EP”, and continues the futuristic robot theme used in creating the original music piece. The album which hosts dance-styled tracks as well as ambient soundscapes, also features 3 songs created by producers All Atomic met via the Pink Dolphin Music Ltd label. The songs in question are “1itc”, “Screamershock”, and “Sick Robot”. All the others tracks were created by All Atomic.

All Atomic creates awesome soundscapes with this rather impressive album, like all the best musicians of any instrumental musical style he creates vivid images in your head.  Opener “Intro Soundscape 1 Original Mix” sets its sights on an eerie and ominous mood before breaking into “Robot Invasion” with synth arpeggios and skittering basslines. A swirling undertow of synth, white noise and static electricity shuffles determinedly through “Soundscape 2”, which morphs into the banging beat of “Screamershocked”.

“Soundscaped 3” again flips the sonic template with tapping percussion and a deep repeating bassline. On top, the harsh synth noise maintains its busy timbre. “Sick Robot” introduces another full-on drumbeat, pushing an insistent momentum and rhythm, before fading into the synth-heavy “Soundscape 4”.

This album is absolutely bursting at the seams with cinematic creativity.  All Atomic laces his formulas with a variety of intriguing techniques, and fitting inventive, texture-rich backdrops alongside bustling synths.

All the ideas swirling around this release give it an aura of complexity, this elaborately engineered matrix sprawling in scope and bottomless in depth. “1i2c” launches an industrious rhythm which never lets up until the end. It’s amazingly dense, but manages to avoid sounding like it. All Atomic’s combination of vigor and restraint makes “Soundscape 5” quite the dynamic piece, one that is always deeply rooted in the haunting present but still ready to swerve on a moment’s notice.

The rich orchestral leanings of “rOBOT iNVASION pt.2” sound incredibly fresh, bubbling with raw creative energy while retaining the benefit of experienced, masterful hands controlling the wheel. Regardless of your familiarity with All Atomic, this is a damn good record that is worth your time.

Sink into the final track, “Outro Soundscape”, and let it sweep you up in its vast, intricate atmosphere. These tracks as an album form what is likely one of the greater ambient/dance blended experiences you could have in recent memory.

These tracks are so varied, they’re easy to just zone out to while staring into space, on some, and then finding yourself tapping to a driving beat on others. Whether “Oceans of Neon part 2 – Robot Invasion” is the beginning of a whole new chapter of productivity for All Atomic is unclear at this time, but regardless, it stands as yet another epic achievement, and an excellent release.

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