Rory D’Lasnow’s voice range is unbelievable, and the songs he writes are a window to his mind and heart. He manages to protest without shoving it down our throats. He stands up for what he believes yet doesn’t push his ideals onto others. He just makes it perfectly clear which side of the road he is standing on in any situation. D’Lasnow’s voice really romps, and he has a way of tweaking words that adds a delightful accent to his music.  The singer-songwriter and left-handed guitarist, skewers the pitfalls of the American lifestyle, culture and social structure on his latest single “An American Lie”. It’s an in-depth listing of what’s wrong here.

“We the people are responsible for standing up to speak out when we see wrongs done to our fellow man, and to help make them right whenever we can”, Rory said, “So we protest, we become activists. But then, once the public outrage subsides, the same targeting, abuse of power, and negligence in response – which has been going on for centuries – quickly returns; to a collective shrug from the general public.”

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and recognizing this important moment in history, Rory D’Lasnow is determined to contribute his music and its message to the cause. “My hope is that we can unite as a human race to eliminate the bigotry and prejudice that is so rampant in society today. My goal is to use my voice in the best way I can to stand up for equality and justice”.

“In the land of the free and home of the brave. Hand over heart pledging to our own grave. There are too many wrongs that can never be named,” sings D’Lasnow. The musical range and lyrical ambition are both astonishing. The singer tackles the huge subject matter without ever over-reaching. He gets angry but he doesn’t lose perspective. He gets emotional but never slushy.

Whether it’s in the quieter sections, or the more fleshed-out spots, Rory D’Lasnow’s voice dominates throughout, a voice which is a thing of pure beauty and which he has developed into an instrument of controlled power, expression and soul: “There won’t be any peace. Till there is justice. We can’t waste another day. Wishing that this will go away.” The socio-political critique is openly honest and salutary, because this is stuff that needed saying.

“An American Lie” expands on Rory D’Lasnow’s extraordinary talent for composing. When his songs are as good as this, they are very good, profound, rewarding, and indelible.  D’Lasnow’s lyrics are accompanied by fine musical motifs, from the opening airy guitar picking, through the soaring melody and sonic bliss. The stellar mix and production also perfectly compliment D’Lasnow’s excellent vocals and layered harmonies.

Over and above the memorable melody and soulful singing, what’s really remarkable about this record, is its lyrical intelligence, which stands in rather stunning contrast to so many current endeavors.

“An American Lie” is a mature work that takes cynicism and anger beyond bitterness, into knowledge and empowerment, offering logical advice and common sense. “These are all of our problems,” warns Rory D’Lasnow, in the song. “Only together will we solve them.”