Flip and Eazy, make up the rap collective Nu.Wav. They have been performing and working towards their dreams as a duo since June 2018, traveling to Oregon, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, and many more places. Singularly, they have opened for Atlanta group Crime Mob, T.I and Lil Wayne’s Americas Most Wanted Tour and many more. Nu.Wav and their label Mogul Music Entertainment have recently signed a label partnership deal with Vision &Vitality Entertainment. The joining of the labels, has the resulted in the duo releasing their debut album, entitled, “The Takeover”, on June 14th 2019. “The Takeover (Deluxe Version)”, comes with a whopping 22 tracks, through which Flip and Eazy showcase their skills, ambitions and life experiences.

The last time I listened all the way through to a hip-hop compilation this big, was Big K.R.I.T.’s “4eva Is a Mighty Long Time”. Nu.Wav made sure that every song on here is just as infectious and compelling. These guys are intelligent. Their lyrics are timeless and the beats are captivating.

They sing, they rap, and they do just about anything they have to, to make sure this album is as an entertaining ride as possible. Across the recording, the duo expands their purview both thematically and sonically. The pair’s chemistry is also unparalleled, considering they’re on their debut here.

There’s plenty of verbal brio throughout “The Takeover (Deluxe Version)”. From the moment they open with the introductory, “We Up 1” the duo’s alliterative wordplay, metaphor mockery, chest-out braggadocio, and sharp lyrical barbs, elevates the album to the next level. “Tryna Get Some Doe” will pull you in with its repetitive vocal hook.

“Run it Up” sees the duo switch around like a tag team, while “No Trust” forges a soulful piano-driven backdrop for the rappers to roll out their rhymes in a stream of consciousness. And that’s just the first four tracks!

“The Takeover (Deluxe Version)” is a steamroller of an album, packed with standout tracks. The production breaks up any overwhelming monotone that might want to make its way into the flow of this recording, with an allowance of colorful sonics.

The unrelenting production paints an appropriate background. As urgent and breathless as ever, the beats are bass-heavy, keyboard-filled and propulsive. At the same time no punches are pulled lyrically.

Feeding off of each other’s energy, Flip and Eazy are experts at wit, double entendre and the good-old-fashioned dis. They are especially adept at thrilling us with outbursts of double-time rap and delightful cadence change-ups, as well melodic choruses.  Nu.Wav represents the best in modern rap.

And they’re especially impressive on tracks like “California Girls”, “Hammy”, “Made Our Own Way” ft. Skinny, “Heartless”, “Lights” ft. Skinny and “Follow Me”, among many others. This album is full of bangers and achieves what so many hip-hop heads, old and new, are longing for: music with a message, loud and clear, and a groovy vibe to ride to.

“The Takeover (Deluxe Version)” is an unusual album, and an exception to the rule. Flip and Eazy, as the duo Nu.Wav, are putting group joints back on the map again. They’re showing us that rappers can drop their egos and work together, sharing the spotlight.

From the jump Nu.Wav establishes a mood very much unlike their contemporaries. The group’s first record burns with a bright lyrical flame and tosses banger-after-banger at unsuspecting listeners. You can’t get off to a better start than that!