Based out of Gainesville Florida, Morning Fatty continues to evolve and transform their sound since coming together in 2004. The group’s original dynamic shifted incredibly with the addition of experienced drummer Tim Mulberry. Previous to joining the band, Tim had accomplished a world tour drumming for The Black Eyed Peas. The band describes their new sound as Funk Rock Electro Dub, or simply ‘FRED’. Morning Fatty is made up of Andrew White – Vox, John Pop – Bass, Miller Joyner – Guitar and Tim Mulberry – Drums.

Morning Fatty has an album out, entitled “Resistance”, of which we heard some perfectly stunning tracks. As someone who’s been listening to 311 for 20 years, I can comfortably say that Morning Fatty pretty much fits the same genre mold, bringing just as much quality to the table.

Morning-Fatty-Band“Resistance” has exceeded all of my expectations, a phenomenal release that is solid all the way through. This album showcases everyone in the band’s talent.  It’s original, inspired, and has balls! And the song “Oblivion” alone will prove that – with its highly charged atmosphere, funky grooves, ever-changing rhythms, spot-on soloing and superbly soaring vocals.

If you’re looking for something slower, more resonating and instrumentally mesmerizing, tune into the soul-stirring “Resistance”, which some features some amazing guitar work. Wallow in the up-tempo rhythms and crunchy guitars of “Good Buds”, or slumber to the earthy reggae melody of “Dreams”. Then just for the hell of it, turn up the volume dial all the way to the right and have a total energetic blowout with “Laloquezia”.

It is a great mix of music and most of the songs have what I used to love most about 311 – a total change of tempo and beat, multiple times through a song; tracks that start out mellow and end up rocking and others that start out rocking and end on mellow themes, with eargasms galore at every turn.

morning-fatty-350Morning Fatty immediately grabbed me right off the bat and they have are no throwaway songs. The entire album is catchy, and chalked full of bare ass sonic goodness from top to bottom. The musicianship here is phenomenal; each instrument is utilized to its fullest, together with scorching arrangements that are complex, but never complex enough to throw listeners off.

The melodies are all really memorable, spearheaded by Andrew White’s dynamic and far-reaching vocals, and also Miller Joyner’s guitars really stand out on this album, with great playing but more importantly, great tones and timbres. Off course all the above wouldn’t be what it is without a thoroughly hard-hitting rhythm section like that made up of drummer Tim Mulberry and bassist John Pop. Sonically, this is rarefied air!

Morning Fatty is capable of greatness and creativity beyond most, regardless of genre. Their music flows well, is mixed better, arranged sublimely and produced articulately, but most importantly, it hits you in the face with more grooves and flows than you thought possible from any one band. “Resistance” is the kind of album most bands build an entire career on!