Signed to Big Top Entertainment L.L.C, along with the production team Cali 303, Luis Torres aka LU, is a Mexican singer-songwriter and engineer, born in the city of Guadalajara. He migrated with his parents at the age of one where his family settled in Colorado. Produced by Kxvi, LU’s debut single “Ride or Die”, also features R&B singers-songwriters, Omari Night and DazeOnEast. This is perfect melodic R&B/Pop record, as LU and his crew know melody, quickly laying down the narrative’s overriding tone: “Girl You Know that I am down for you, in the fire shooting rounds for you, ain’t no question I’m going to make you min, I’m your Ride or Die”.

From the opening lines, LU shows vulnerability, passion and determination, excellently portraying his thoughts and emotions. LU’s soulful voice and its melancholy ache are fraught with longing, admiration and conviction, while his breezy, surprisingly smooth music provides a blend of bass-driven soul and a blissful trap beat, featuring skittering hi-hats.

For all that, you can hear the positivity, and optimism in his delivery, as he openly unfolds his thoughts and feelings for a lover. Through the music, LU walks the listener through his personal journey of desire, but it does this in a way that is shown through the luscious melody he uses. This makes his music infectiously captivating, and easy on the ear.

LU’s style, which consistently flows between urban pop and R&B, is one that people all over can easily identify with. LU has a very specific sound and mood to his music – a surreal and identifiable tone. His music is the type that anyone can hear and instantly relate to. The passionate desire he evokes throughout the whole song sounds genuine and heartfelt.

It’s nice to listen to a song that can really help you realize that you can open up and speak the truth about your positive feelings for someone else. In a time when negative bullying, dissing and criticism runs rife in public declarations, LU presents the flipside of that coin. Not only does LU do this tastefully, he does it in an undeniable fashion, regardless of what the response to his expressive affirmations may be.

It’s difficult not to like LU as a singer. He sings with a gentle care that suggests a thoughtful, profound personality, and his music serves to match that considerate attentiveness. The artist’s intentions make a track full of great hooks and grooves all the more pleasing, poignant or uplifting. Slick production and gorgeous harmonies do the rest, to make “Ride or Die” fit in perfectly with the track’s theme.

The track is full of soulful sultriness, and lyrics that make an impression, and just enough personal touches that we feel like we’re really getting to know LU.  There was a lot I liked about “Ride or Die” and appreciate about LU. For starters, I don’t think he will be able to record bad song. I don’t think his voice will allow for it. He’s simply too talented to make a track that isn’t listenable.

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