Deamer is an unsigned rapper from South London of Kurdish, Turkish and British origin. Deamer, who started rapping at the age of 16, after becoming interested in poetry, has released his mixtape – “Southside of the Bridge Volume 2”. Dreamer really does a good job of showing his versatility on this mixtape, with tracks like “Where Do We Go (ft Conor LD)”, Blood, Sweat & Tears”, “Dear Dad as he switches easily back and forth from hardcore killer to the thoughtful gentlemen.

Deamer-350With great lyrics and dark beats, Deamer gives you the dark gutter feeling about struggles and trying to survive in an unfair and unjust world. The track, “They Don’t Help Us”, is a perfect example of this.What makes “Southside of the Bridge Volume 2” so good is Deamer’s distinct delivery and flow, as well as his eclectic singing style. Deamer, comes out carrying his mysterious, laid back ghost-like flow, holding a lyrical weapon in both hands and blazing right from track one.

His gloomy view on life and his versatile flow makes for a record filled with different messages, beats and flows, not to mention lyrical potential. Deamer also adds strong choruses and production, molded to his unique flow to uphold and accent his talent.

Deamer has a voice that calls to you through the wires and speakers of your music system. They carry a subdued passion in them, like a sleeping giant accustomed to a life of suffering now giving life to his voice. His fluent, passionate and thoughtful rhymes illuminate the life of an expatriate in a way you never really gave much thought to. His songs come off with somber endings and sad sounding edges, closing his verses or songs out with the reality of the hard life.

It’s not easy, it’s not happy, and it’s not the type of life you go out of your way to live. It’s the type of life you’re forced into. He teeters back and forth on this edge though, finding a delicate balance between pride and suffering, and earning himself street credit. His voice is ready to find its way onto the air waves and permeate every listening ear out there with his truths. Besides the ones mentioned above, other tracks to look out for, include “Come On (ft Picasso)”, “Remember” and “Fragile (ft Conor LD) [Cover]”.