There are a lot of new producers that are coming to the scene this years, and some that have been in the game for a while, but few are as exciting has Cymbalik AKA Jose Serpas who hails out of Denver, CO. If you’re a part of the people who don’t know who Cymbalik is just yet, then expect him to be all over your music queue in the next couple of years. With his crazy beats and smooth melodies it’s expected that he makes some big jumps in the industry very soon. Cymbalik works with modern day techniques while paying homage hip hop’s rich history of legendary sounds.

Cymbalik possesses an undeniable ability to transform his visions into exquisite tones and textures of sonic luxury. Storytelling in rap culture is a lost art, and only a limited percentage of rappers occupy this notorious skillset.

Hence consider the absolute rarity of producers, who can tell a story exclusively with beats. Cymbalik’s album, “A New Positive” contains an unlimited amount of swag, sound seasoning, soulful drip, and chilled ambience to move innumerable bodies and shift static minds.

Possessing an aptitude for designing aural paintings from raw feelings, thoughts, and emotions enable Cymbalik to produce music from a more advanced level than the most aspiring hip-hop sound designers.

Cymbalik’s unlimited imagination allows him to design beats that ignite raw and uncensored emotions. Something he gets doing from the start with “Runnin”. Spacy synths, banging drums and ethereal vocals push the track into a psychedelic aura.

Moving forward, the listening experience provides an unpredictable wave of emotions, excitement, and head nods. From the syncopated “Flowers”, to the club bang of “In The Fall”, on to the fully rapped groove of “Give Me The Words” ft. Thought, the album plays like an iconic compilation album infused with music influences inspired by legends.

The cinematic style 0f “Grit” combines the golden era of Hip-Hop infused with the millennial music swag, and downtempo-electro of 2020. A jazzy soul foundation pushes along “This Wheel” before the brief “Interlude” drops in.

Both “Phuture” and “Sangre” builds extreme anticipation and hypnotizes the eardrums. The latter track is also infused with ear-warming Spanish vocal hooks. “30 Minutes” delivers eerie keys and chipmunk vocals for a hard-hitting eclectic beat, while the best is yet to come with “Pandora” ft. Thought, in another fully fleshed out rap track. The survival stakes in hip hop are high in 2020, and Cymbalik is raising the bar in its production culture.

If great production can make even the most objectionable or cheesy lyrics sound great, then luscious soundscapes like “Breathe” and “Postcards” should be on every respectability-aspiring hip hop album out this year. While the exact same can be said for the thumping beat and warm keys, on the title track, “A New Positive”.

Cymbalik has the alchemical combination of quality, creativity, and alluring empathy at every moment of the album’s development. He understands that hip hop can still make a mark on places far outside of mainstream radio or dance and strip clubs. And he’s bringing the good stuff!