Pure Raw talent emerges like a breath of fresh air suddenly. With No Auto-tune, No over the top cursing or samples. A rebel muse pushing cultural & musical boundaries that refuse to be boxed into one genre or style. A Composer who was writing theatrical plays when she was 9 years old. An artist who painted 20 piece oil on canvas collection to support environmental changes for the last decade. A Poet writing of human suffering and human rights issues meshed into her own story of encouragement in finding your true voice. She grew up in New York.

Anjalts (pronounced like “Angeles”) 2nd single release “Let’s Fly Away” came out 07.19.20 and already got over 1500+ streams in a day and climbing. She wrote, produce and plays everything on the track.

Speaking about the song, Anjalts reveals, “There were moments I felt cabin fever during Covid-19, like everyone out there. I wanted to just escape, anywhere besides staying in with so many restrictions that seriously has changed the way we live daily. I was just missing everyone close to me, and my escape of course was my music.  During this crazy pandemic, I was stuck in Florida and fortunate to see the historic launch of Space X.  Writing “Let’s Fly Away” was like seeing that Rocket launch up into the sky carrying two tiny humans into outer space, as far as your eyes can see.  It was an incredible reminder of stepping back and seeing the “big picture”.  The possibility that we can change that which is “impossible” to “I’m possible” vibes with me.

But most importantly by supporting each other, we can fly away to such a place of infinite possibilities….  Anjalts EP will be released in September 2020, with more info at Anjalts.com.  Listen to “Let’s Fly Away” HERE   or Watch the Video HERE